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The Queer Agenda - College

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College is a unique opportunity to challenge the gender norms imposed by conservative backgrounds and experience personal growth. Revisit the most unforgettable moments of your college years with The Queer Agenda's "College" pack. From giggles with friends to crushes on cute RAs, this hilarious game will leave everyone feeling more proud of their LGBTQ+ identity and with memories to cherish in therapy sessions. Experiment with The Queer Agenda's "College" expansion pack, just like you did with your roommate, for a fun and entertaining experience.

  • EXPLORE COLLEGE LIFE: Dive into the wild, transformative years of college with this LGBTQ+ themed expansion pack, perfect for reliving memories of self-discovery and rebellion against gender norms.
  • HILARIOUSLY QUEER CONTENT: Designed by LGBTQ+ creators, this pack is filled with sharp, witty cards that explore college life from a queer perspective, ensuring loads of laughter and inclusivity.
  • FONDLY NOSTALGIC: Revisit your college days through a humorous lens—whether it's that unrequited crush on your RA or adventurous dorm life experiences.
  • GREAT FOR GAME NIGHTS: Spice up any party or game night with friends, offering a chance to share laughs and maybe even some 'only for the therapist' type stories.
  • INCLUSIVE AND EXPRESSIVE: Encourages players to embrace and express their identities freely, perfect for those looking to add some LGBTQ+ flair to their game collection.


  • 40 cards total 


Players (Minimum)


Players (Maximum)


Minimum Recommended Age


Average Play Time

45 Minutes


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