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The Fuzzies

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The Fuzzies is a game about creating impossible, gravity-defying towers out of fuzzy little balls...then knocking them over like a big clumsy oaf. It’s a twist on the classic genre of “Don’t knock over the thing! OH NOOOOOO I knocked over the thing!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Fun for all ages!

We received this game through Tryazon to test out. We love the concept (kind of Jenga-ish without the loud crashing)the colors, easy set up, easy play. Great for any family game night. It was fun, but we wished there were more card options. It was kind of the same thing over and over. Would like it to be more tricky for adults and more variety. All in all a good game, we will play over and over.

Brian Chieng
Tons of fun and easy to set up!

We all had a great time playing the Fuzzies Game! It's a great family game that will provide fun entertainment for hours and can be played by people of all ages. It's a game that can be taken anywhere and it's easy to set up. Literally start playing in seconds!

Fuzzies Game is so much fun! It'll remind you of playing Jenga is a different way, but it also has elements that go beyond that nostalgic game. This game can be played in quiet situations because instead of a thunderous crash, these game pieces are soft and marshmallowy! The fun remains but it's much more quieter.

Grab some tweezers or feel free to use your fingers and grab one of the fuzzie objects and place it anywhere higher than it originally was. It doesn't necessarily need to be at the top, so there's a lot more strategy to this game.

JENGA with Warm Fuzzies

Better for 1st grade up. A fun twist to JENGA. I like that when things fall it's not a crash of blocks.

April M
easy to set up and play

This is easy to set up. This is easy to play. We had a 5, 9, 10, and 12 year old playing. The five year old played it the longest. I highly recommend playing it on a stable surface. Good for all ages.

Fun for the whole family

Are your hands as stable as you think? Give it a test with this leaning magical tower of fuzzies! The game is simple enough for the young ones to play and challenging enough for adults to play. Grab a card to see how you have to pull a fuzzy but do not knock over the tower. This game was a blast to play to see all the funny ways you can pull the fuzzies, plus - there is storage right in the bottom of the game for all the cards and tweezer. Grab it and work on your steady skills!