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Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack


Star Wars: Shatterpoint - You Cannot Run Duel Pack

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There is no more embittered rivalry than the one between Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, the emperor's most terrifying enforcer and apprentice. Their duels have shaped the very course of history. Clashing with unmatched intensity, each knows every strength and weakness of the other. Now you can recreate the pair's first meeting from the Obi-Wan series with the You Cannot Run Duel Pack. This set includes two brand new characters for Shatterpoint, Darth Vader & Obi-Wan, Out of Hiding along with an immersive terrain display that players can use to showcase the moment from the show when not using them in game. 


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90 Minutes


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Customer Reviews

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Ashley Turner
Cue the Tragic Episode III Soundtrack... this One is a Dud.

Holy heck is this a bad value proposition.

Don't be fooled by the Diorama - that terrain needs to be glued down and will not move. After awhile, I threw it away because it did nothing but take up space.

What you're really buying here is the two Units, Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter and Obi Wan, Out of Hiding. They both come with gorgeous foil Unit Cards, and they are both very fun to play. But they also have weird problems.

Their bases are different from the durasteel / cracked-earth aesthetic that all other models come with. Instead, their bases are rough, disturbed sand. Two robotic thumbs down for Anakin Skywalker for that. Additionally, their feet have pegs and Vader is lifting metal debris with the Force, so if you wanted to swap their bases to the typical ones, you'd need to do a bit of extra craftwork to make it look decent. That said, this isn't the most awkward part of these Units.

Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter is pretty cool. He hits hard and has some evil cross-Squad abilities that incentivize damaging your allies to make their attacks more effective. But he is also a nightmare to squad build with... Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter packs 7SP and the Inquisitor Keyword, so you'd think he'd be a fun pick to run a full Inquisitor list with. Right? Squad 1: Grand Inquisitor, Fallen Jedi / Third Sister / Fifth Brother, then Squad 2: Darth Vader Jedi Hunter / x / Fourth Sister... right?

The problem lies in both Inquisitor Supporting Units are 4PC. So the only way you can run one is by slotting in CT-411 Ponds. Who is great. But that still forces your hand in an unfortunate way when you're trying to make a Galactic Empire List.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Out of Hiding is a very solid Secondary. He's got solid damage (actually more efficient damage than the Primary Obi-Wan in Form III Soresu, weirdly) and is immune to Exposed, which has always been one of the scariest conditions in Shatterpoint. He's an interesting alternate Secondary for a Rebel Alliance or Galactic Republic list.

But that's the rub. You're basically buying an incomplete, half-compatible Squad Pack for $90. The sculpts are great, the Units are cool, but... this is the last thing I would buy as a completionist. Neither unit fills a hole in your roster as of Mar. '24 (Vader and Obi-Wan already exist in better Squad Packs). And if you play Shatterpoint, these miniatures won't sit in your Diorama even if you DO paint it. They'll be in your storage solution.

This box is either for diehard completionists or dedicated hobbyists that genuinely enjoy models for their display factor over gameplay. Everyone else, steer clear.