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Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack


Star Wars: Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack

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The battlefields of Star Wars: Shatterpoint become even more thematic with this terrain pack! Containing a host of different terrain, including a Swoop Bike, a GNK Power Droid, and a generator, the terrain pieces players find here will help set the stage for their battles while also giving their troops plenty of places to take cover.


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90 Minutes


Atomic Mass Games

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Turner
Do you Want some Shatterpoint-Scaled Scatter Terrain?

You get this pack for the visual dynamism. All other terrain from the Core Set and High Ground Terrain Pack are synthetic structures. In this pack, we have our first natural rock formations at Shatterpoint Scale. And they’re cool! As is the swoop bike!

But keep in mind, given the vertical nature of the game you’re playing, only the building can be stood on. The rest of this is essentially scatter terrain. Which, granted, we didn’t have much in the core set… but all these pieces can do is block line of sight on the battlefield. Your Mandolorians/Jedi/Nightsisters/Etc. Can’t jump on them.

I like Take Cover, and it was a cool departure from the norm. I still prefer this over High Ground for the visual aesthetic, but battlefield-wise it provides less flexibility.