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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Sabotage Showdown

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Players can embark on a new Star Wars: Shatterpoint mission with this pack! Featuring the first new set of Mission cards outside of the Core Set, Sabotage Showdown adds more variety to games of Shatterpoint with new objective layouts and new mission special rules that pose new tactical challenges for strike teams to overcome.


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Atomic Mass Games

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Turner
Great Value for Double the Missions

Anyone who's played the Core Set knows how replayable the Shifting Priorities mission set is. You can get a lot of mileage out of that static grid with just terrain change-ups... but mission sets like this one should ideally come out quite frequently. And when they do, they should be iterative.

Enter Sabotage Showdown, which is both iterative and a great value. The core conceit of Sabotage Showdown is - in addition to the slightly varied objective marker placement - each Struggle Card will tack on an extra effect that occurs when activating a Unit with the Shatterpoint card.

Really, that's enough for me. It adds an additional wrinkle to the already-fun formula, and most importantly... it's cheap in comparison to any other AMG product you can purchase for Shatterpoint. Buying a Squad Pack will set you back $50-$60. But for $15, you are getting a potentially bigger gameplay upgrade at 25-30% the cost. That's genuinely some value.

I hope they iterate further, but for the cost it's a no-brainer recommendation. I would even go as far to say that you should get the Core Set first, then Sabotage Showdown, then dip into Squad Packs.

Erik Winroth
A missed opportunity

After playing the original scenario for a while, I was looking forward to seeing some other kind of action.
I like the scenario that comes with the starter box but variety is always welcome.

What disappoints me about the second scenario released is that it is basically the same as the first mission with the objective points moved around a bit.

I was hoping for a completely different scenario, like an offensive defense, a transport target, or some environmental effects that would force the players to adapt to. Essentially a scenario with some different mechanics instead of more of the same.

This scenario does not provide any new challenges or experiences compared to the scenario in the starter box.