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Ramen Extreme

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This product releases on August 23, 2024

The heat is on! Ramen connoisseurs take turns rolling and re-rolling dice to purchase ingredients to compete for the best bowls of ramen! Players also put the heat on their opponents by raising their spice levels which decreases their points. 

  • EXCITING GAMEPLAY: Dive into a fast-paced, flavorful challenge as you and up to 4 friends compete to craft the perfect bowl of ramen. Roll dice to collect ingredients and strategically raise the heat on your competitors.
  • FAMILY FUN: Suitable for players aged 8 and up, Ramen Extreme offers a spicy twist to family game night with an easy setup and engaging play that takes 15-20 minutes per game.
  • CREATIVE STRATEGY GAME: Utilize unique card combinations and time your moves wisely to maximize your points and sabotage your opponents with clever use of the spice level mechanic.
  • PERFECT FOR RAMEN LOVERS: Embrace the ramen-making frenzy that not only tests your luck but also your strategy and foresight, making each game a new adventure.
  • ENHANCED COMPONENTS: The game includes 5 dice, 14 Ramen Bowl cards, 48 ingredient tokens, 5 Chopsticks tokens, 5 Chili Heat cards, and 5 Chili Pepper tokens, providing everything you need for an immersive playing experience.


  • 5 Dice
  • 14 Ramen Bowl cards
  • 48 Ingredient tokens
  • 5 Chopsticks tokens
  • 5 Chili Heat cards
  • 5 Chili Pepper tokens
  • 4 Ingredients tray Cards and rules.


Players (Minimum)


Players (Maximum)


Minimum Recommended Age


Average Play Time

15 Minutes or less



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