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This product releases on August 9, 2024

Let's go for a hike in the famous Swiss National Park. Don’t forget to bring your camera if you want to capture (with a photograph) some spotted nutcrackers, chamois or grass frogs!

In Alpina, gain the most victory points by strategically placing your hikers on the cards.
Upon your turn, play one card to form a common grid of 25 cards. If you wish, place one of your hikers on your card or an adjacent one. At the end of the game, each hiker will score points based on the landscape and interactions with their neighbors.

Alpina is a strategic game with simple rules. Will you play a card to accumulate more victory points, or take the opportunity to thwart your opponents? Find the card that will allow you to juggle both objectives, and victory will be yours!

  • ENGAGE IN STRATEGY & OBSERVATION: Navigate through the Swiss National Park in this captivating board game. Plan your route and capture beautiful wildlife scenes in a competitive game.
  • CAPTURE AND SCORE: Utilize your camera to photograph elusive creatures like spotted nutcrackers and vibrant grass frogs, scoring victory points for each unique capture on your journey.
  • BUILD YOUR PATH: Lay cards strategically to create a 5x5 grid that represents your trek across varied terrains. Each card placement can alter your path and strategy.
  • DUAL PLAY OPTIONS: Decide whether to focus on personal objectives or collaborate with other players to maximize your score. Every decision impacts your journey through the breathtaking landscapes.
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS: Includes 56 beautifully illustrated cards, 32 hiker pawns, and 4 victory pawns, all produced sustainably to ensure environmental responsibility.


  • 56 cards
    32 hiker pawns (4 colors: red, yellow, light blue, purple)
    4 victory pawns
    Rulebook in English and Spanish


Players (Minimum)


Players (Maximum)


Minimum Recommended Age


Average Play Time

15 Minutes or less



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