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Zombicide Chronicles: Road to Haven

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A mysterious radio signal. Secret organizations. Mutated Zombies. Government safehouses… There’s more going on in this outbreak than we thought…

In Road to Haven, old and new Survivors find a new way to fight for their lives against the Zombie outbreak. Introducing the Campaign game mode, players will walk through the well-known City, finding new challenges, allies, and many, many new enemies, both alive and undead. The story develops throughout 10 different missions, all connected to each other, where Survivors search for a secret hideout that might still be safe, a place called Haven 3.

  • NEW CAMPAIGN GAME MODE: Dive into the Road to Haven campaign with 10 connected missions full of challenges, allies, and new enemies.
  • SURVIVOR ARCHETYPES: Introduces 4 brand new Survivor Archetypes for diverse gameplay options.
  • UNVEIL NEW DANGERS: Encounter well-trained humans, mutated Zombies, and terrifying Abominations as you progress through the campaign.
  • ANATOMICAL GUIDE TO ZOMBIES: Unlock deeper knowledge about each Zombie type and discover their weaknesses.
  • FIND HAVEN: Join old and new Survivors on a quest to locate the elusive safe haven known as Haven 3 in the midst of the outbreak.


Players (Minimum)


Players (Maximum)

Minimum Recommended Age


Average Play Time

60 Minutes